Ed Larkin is the founder of PLA LABS, LLC. He also is the Designer/Developer of the " ALT Motion Controller".
He has over 30 years of experience developing/inventing computer gaming devices.
Ed got addicted to video gaming in the 80's when he founded Alternative Engineering.
He has received many patents for several of his gaming peripherals throughout his career.
In 1994, he created the Mouse Bungee and for the next 16 years sold it to gamers all over the world.
In 2010, Razer bought the Mouse Bungee from him. Razer also hired him to work on their Innovation Design Team as an Engineering Consultant.
Long before illuminated keyboards existed, he designed the "Cyberlyte" a keyboard illumination device to play games in the dark for added realism.
He worked at home in the daytime and worked at Digital Equipment Corporation on the second shift at night.
His company made computer add-ons for the Bally Home Arcade computer using the name "VIPER" systems Video Image Processing Equipment Research).
His company also won over several other competitors to get the exclusive rights to produce the hardware for a ground-breaking graphics language called Z-GRASS 32.
One of his companies Z-GRASS systems is on display at the National Video Game Museum in Frisco Texas.