Project ALT is an Open Source, Next Gen "Motion Controller"!

 The "ALT" controller combines 3 Precision Analog Joysticks plus an Analog Steering Wheel.
It has a wrist rest and is also Ambidextrous so every gamer can play using it!

The Primary Joystick (Center) can execute 64 Keyboard commands in a 8X8 matrix .
Each of the 8 buttons around the primary Joystick can be programmed to map 2/4 or 8 commands to the joystick instantly. The side Joysticks can execute 2/4 or 8 commands each. The Steering Wheel can execute several keyboard commands and if the game has an analog steering option then it will perform like a real steering wheel.

There are 3 light pipes, one around each joystick featuring Full Spectrum RGB lighting.

Combined with the Macro Function and the Vector Sequencer software, there is no limit to what combos you can create to control your Avatar.

The ALT controller is easier. faster and more intuitive to use than constantly re-positioning your fingers on a dozen or more keys, hundreds of times an hour, over and over again! 

The ALT Motion Controller is also extremely programmable and you can program it to suit your own style of gaming! There are hundreds of combinations!