Why Crowdfunding?


First of all, I don't have half a million dollars laying around (approximate projected costs to make this a retail ready product) but if I did I would spend it on this project without hesitation. I had high hopes that one of the gaming accessory/keyboard manufacturers would be interested in licensing the controller from me and making it for us. I have reached out to the biggest gaming accessory companies in the world and they have not even replied to my letters. Even the company (which I won't name) I have previously worked with with and is the one of the biggest players in the PC Gaming world has not even replied to my request to discuss this product. I am starting to think they must all hope I fail and go away so they dont have to worry about this new gaming controller getting made. Well after spending almost 4 years of my life on this project I am not going away and will not stop until this product is available to all my like minded PC gamers and even X-Box gamers who would like to play with a mouse but not a keyboard. My goal is to eventually have it on sale at Amazon so any gamer in the world can get one.

So if you want a real gaming controller, then we must join together and make this product through a gamer crowdfunding campaign. I have a pretty good idea why the Gaming Keyboard manufacturers don't want this new controller made and thats because this device has the potential to have a very negative impact on their Gaming Keyboard sales and possibly, over time, make "Gaming Keyboards" obsolete! (My personal goal!)

I am asking you, my fellow FPS/Action gamers to join this gamer crowdfunding campaign and spread the word about the PLA "Motion Controller". I could have crowdfunded this at Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but I am not using them because they charge 5% just to host the product on their website. They dont provide any advertising or anything else so that is a total waste of thousands of dollars just to host the product for 30 days. I am running the campaign from this site which is a secure website (https://plarocks.com) You can see the word SECURE and the image of a LOCK in the address bar above. I am using Shopify for safe and secure transactions.

I have successfully produced many products in the US and China. The Mouse Bungee, is the most successful one so far with worldwide sales to gamers for 24 years and is still going strong. You can see many more of my products on the Gallery page. Many high profile, multimillion dollar Kickstarter/Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns have failed simply because the people involved were all newbies and did not know anything about how complicated producing a product can be. With all my experience producing products thats not going to happen so you have nothing to worry about. If you pre-order this product I personally guarantee you will get this product and it will blow you away when you see how beautiful it is and how awesome it works!

I will be building the PLA "Motion Controller" in the US, not in China!

I have already started working with MODA, the engineering firm that will be developing and designing the final circuit boards, the tooling for all the plastic parts and writing the software drivers for windows. Check them out for yourself if you would like to know more about them.


I also have a US manufacturer lined up to produce, test and ship the devices worldwide. Also check them out as they are a great employee owned company.


Printing and packaging will be done at one of the biggest printing companies in all of New England and whose owner is a personal friend of mine for over 30 years.


Providing we have no major unexpected delays then the device will ship approximately 9 months after it is funded. First to order will be first to receive so hurry up and get your order in!

The Pla Motion Controller is the culmination of half a lifetime of experiences that I have in product design and development.

I have a deep passion for quality gaming peripherals and this product is long overdue. Please spread the word and join Team PLA by pre-ordering the controller and become part of gaming history! Check out the Gallery for more info about the products I have designed and produced.