Why did I develop the PLA "Motion Controller"?

Because "Gaming Keyboards" are the Bane of PC gaming!

Time to "Stop Typing and Start Playing"

We all know that serious, hard core FPS/Action gamers will only play using a mouse because you can't quickly, accurately or realistically aim with a console joystick! Speaking of realistic, todays games are incredibly realistic, visually stunning and hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to make our gaming experience look and feel as real as possible. Unfortunately all that realism goes out the window because having to type on a keyboard to play these games is Unrealistic, Unintuitive, Unnecessary, Uncomfortable and Archaic! And it only gets worse with so many games having awesome drivable vehicles because nothing is more unrealistic, annoying and frustrating than trying to steer vehicles by typing on a Keyboard!

Having to have to type on "Gaming Keyboards" is the reason why so many young gamers have switched to using console controllers to play on the PC. For decades I have felt that the worst part of PC gaming was having to type on a Keyboard to play. X-Box and PlayStation gamers are not typing on a keyboard and they are playing the same games that we are playing so WTF is going on here? Is the Gaming Keyboard industry holding us hostage so they can sell more Gaming Keyboards? Obviously, you can program a joystick to execute keyboard commands on the consoles so why can't we on the PC? Oh, we can, but only by using a console controller but that would mean losing the mouse to aim with and that is out of the question for real gamers.

So it seems we have an impasse, we are forced to play with a "Gaming Keyboard" if we want to aim with our mouse! It's time for a new way to play, an alternative.

The Gaming Keyboard companies manufacture tens of millions of Gaming Keyboards every year, it is a massive cash cow with estimates in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The PLA "Motion Controller" has the potential to wipe out the entire Gaming Keyboard industry so they are never going to make a product that will kill their cash cow. Making and selling us a controller that is designed from the ground up to play FPS/Action games would be great for us but suicide for them. They will continue to make a zillion more gaming keyboards for as far into the future as they can. It is time for a device to be made specifically for playing FPS & Action games!

It's time to send our gaming controller (Gaming Keyboard) back to the stone age where it belongs! RIP!  

I finally decided to stop whining about it and use my experiences as a product designer and part time inventor to do something about it. So I started designing a device to eliminate/replace the out of touch and running out of time "Gaming Keyboard". I wanted to use a joystick for executing keyboard commands which would be easy, fast, fun and intuitive. The hard part of the design was that I had to figure out how to get a steering wheel, seamlessly integrated into the design. The other difficult part of the design was to be able to execute enough keyboard commands with the joystick, so it could completely eliminate the "Gaming Keyboard".

Those two key features turned out to be very difficult and they were the biggest and most time-consumig challenge of any product I have ever created. The controller s tarted out as the "Hyper-Drive" controller and had many keyboard keys on it to go with the joystick and the steering wheel. After I spent almost a year working on hundreds of designs I decided that it had to be easier to use and have no keyboard keys. With that new objective I started over from scratch and wrote off a whole year of design work. Fortunately, the more time I spent thinking about it, the more refined the design got until I finally had a controller that could do everything a keyboard could and so much more! Eventually even the perfect name/brand and logo came to me and I changed the controller's name from the Hyper Drive to the PLA "Motion Controller" creating an entirely new category for PC gaming devices. After all it was all about PLAying and not TYPing your favorite FPS/Action games. Phase I, of this project ended up taking almost 2 years and in early 2016, I finally felt confident that my latest design revision met all of my new goals for the controller so I showed it to my gamer friends and they all said I nailed it. Those were the exact words I hoped to hear so I could move forward and start Phase II. Now it was time to start the daunting task of building a proof of concept, functioning prototype of the controller.

Phase II took almost 18 months and in the summer of 2017, after 3D printing hundreds of parts and sanding, painting, dipping and soldering the components, the PLA "Motion Controller" was born. The design goals for the finished product included it being ambidextrous, (to level the playing field for all gamers), have an optically coupled Analog/Digital capable steering wheel, plus one primary and two auxiliary precision joysticks and a wrist rest. T he primary joystick quickly and easily executes keyboard commands and you can see it in action playing in the DOOM proof of concept demo (view at video link). You can see that I am controlling all the motions using the joystick, strafing left and right, moving forward and backward, opening the gate and jumping off a cliff. I even programmed the steering wheel to strafe left and right and you can see that if you watch closely. By showing in the video that I can map keyboard commands to the joystick and the steering wheel proves that there is nothing it can't do that the keyboard can.

There is also custom software for the PLA "Motion Controller" that features an exclusive, first of its kind anywhere "Vector Sequencer" which allows you to execute 2 keyboard or
macro commands in one simple motion of the joystick! See how it is done on the software link! For instance, walking then running or picking up map then reading the map, any combo you can think of, it's up to your imagination. It's easy, fun and faster than typing on a keyboard could ever be!

So for all the PC gamers out there that switched to a console controller to ditch the Gaming Keyboard you can come back now and use your mouse with the PLA "Motion Controller". For all the X-Box console gamers who would rather use a joystick than a keyboard, this device is also for you! With Microsoft's goal to make the X-Box and PC totally compatible with windows 10, now for the first time ever, you will be able to play on your console with your giant TV's using a mouse and a PLA "Motion Controller"

The PLA Motion Controller even solves a big Microsoft's multiplayer online problem of PC Gamers playing against X-Box Gamers!

Now all the players can use a mouse and a PLA Motion Controller which levels the playing field for X-Box gamers playing online against PC gamers! Until the PLA "Motion Controller" came along, even Microsoft admitted that PC gamers had an huge advantage because they could aim with a mouse and consolers had to use the console controllers joystick to aim with.

Win -Win, so pre-order your PLA "Motion Controller" today and become part of gaming history as we break free of the last ancient technology (Gaming Keyboards) to stop us from having the most realistic and fun gaming experience possible!