THe alt Avatar motion controller was created to eliminate typing on keyboards to play FPS games. this next gen controller is a true game changer for fps/action gamers around the world. the device was designed and developed by edward larkin, the creator of the Mouse Bungee. Virtually every PC Gamer in the world is familiar with his Mouse Bungee as it has millions of users globally! He has launched many gaming related companies and developed many gaming products since 1980.

He created the Mouse Bungee in 1994, sold it through email orders and globally through distributors in Europe. It was even featured on QVC in the US where he sold thousands of them and got his first order for a million dollars worth of them in 2002.

In 2003/04 he worked with Mark Rein VP Co-Founder of EPIC GAMES to make thousands of Mouse Bungees with the Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Logos on them and in 2010 he sold the Mouse Bungee to Min at Razer. Razer is still selling it today 27 years since it was first advertised by Ed in BYTE Magazine as the MS-PRO. After the sale to Razer he briefly worked with Razer as a member of Razers Innovation Design Team as a Engineering Consultant.

In 2015 he started working on a new gaming product, formed his 5th and 6th company in 35 years and named one Xavier Technologies and the other PLA LABS. Xavier Technologies was created to raise the millions of dollars needed to develop and produce the controller and PLA LABS was created to launch a line of new gaming devices with the first one being the New Controller.

The Mouse is the perfect device for fast accurate aiming but the keyboard has always been out of its league as a gaming device. Typing on a keyboard to play is unrealistic, unnatural and very challenging to master and it is a major distraction from playing FPS games. The goal was to create a transformative controller for FPS games to replace the ubiquitous Gaming Keyboard with a device that would be designed to play FPS games without having to Type to Play. Not only can it instantly execute any commands a keyboard can but to top that off he added a steering wheel for more realism when driving all the vehicles in open worlds FPS games!

After 6 years of R&D the new device was completed and named the "ALT" Avatar Motion Controller. No longer does any gamer PC or Console, who wants to play FPS games using a mouse will have to suffer from the steep learning curve and constant distractions that typing on Gaming Keyboard causes.

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