Chip supplies are at a worldwide shortage so we will only be taking pre-orders


Until we can ramp up production we will only be making controllers for customers who Pre-Order the controller. So until further notice all ALT Controllers sales will be final. If that is an issue for you we understand and it is only a temporary policy so please join our mailing list and when we start taking regular orders we will update that policy. Thank you for understanding.

Which Games can I play With the ALT Avatar Motion Controller?
The controller can be programmed to work with any PC or Console games that support a mouse and keyboard. You will need a mouse to use with it since it only replaces the keyboard.

What is Your Return Policy?
As stated in the notice above we are custom building the controllers for pre-orders only at this time, all sales are final.

1 year guarantee from *manufacturing defects. If there is a defect within that period the controller will either be replaced or repaired at the manufacturers discretion.

*This excludes damage done to the device by the end user, spilling liquids including food on the unit or dropping the device and breaking it is not a manufacturing defect and therefore not covered. This is a complicated electronic device but if you treat it with care it should last for many years.

Is the ALT Avatar Motion Controller Compatible With Mac OS or Linux?
Only windows drivers will be available at launch, the ALT driver software is fully open-source, and we hope to have a very active developer community that will write drivers for the MAC and Linux OS.

Why is the controller so expensive?

We chose to make it in the United States giving our people jobs instead of giving them to China or Vietnam where the labor is far cheaper. Unlike so many of todays products, our controller was also not built with planned obsolescence. You should be able to use this controller for many years. The Joysticks can be replaced so you don't have to buy a another controller when they eventually ware out, you just replace the joysticks and it will work like new!

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